[Call for Papers] IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, Special Issue on Machine Learning-based Internet of Vehicle: Theory, Methodology, and Applications

http://www.it.is.tohoku.ac.jp/~tvt/vtjournal/SI/CFP-IEEE_TVT_SI-MLIoV-V2.pdf With the significant development of smart vehicles, Internet of Vehicle (IoV) technologies have received widespread attentions. The IoV technology refers to dynamic mobile communication systems that communicate between vehicles and public networks using V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle), V2R (vehicle-to-road), V2H (vehicle-to-human) and V2S (vehicle-to-sensor) interactions. It enables information sharing and the gathering of information on vehicles,…

2018년 미래인재육성포럼

2018년 6월23일~6월26일, 코엑스 한양대학교 5G/무인이동체 융합기술 연구센터는 IT월드쇼와 병행개최된 미래인재육성포럼에서 37개 센터중 대표전시관으로 최신 5G/무인이동체 기술을 선보였다. 특히 16대 소형드론으로 실내 군집주행을 선보여 많은 주목을 받았다. 육군참모총장과 한컷